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A snowcovered walkway along the North Shorre of Pittsburgh. Photo by Dave DiCello.

Bureau of Fire

The Bureau of Fire is part of the Department of Public Safety. The mission of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire (BOF) is to protect life, property and the environment by providing effective customer and human services related to fire suppression, fire responder medical service, hazardous materials mitigation, emergency management service and domestic preparedness.

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About the Bureau of Fire

Below is a list of content in the Bureau of Fire's Transition Brief (prepared by Thomas Consulting Group for The Pittsburgh Foundation). 


  • Diversity.  Diversity is an issue, especially with women applicants who have had issues passing the existing physical test. There are currently 656 personnel employed with the BOF. (four are women, of whom one is an African American woman).
  • Residency Requirements. Residency requirements must be met at time of application, rather than upon start date (as is required under the Bureau of Police and EMS), is a recruitment barrier. The Bureau should seek consistency regarding recruitment requirements between all Bureaus within the Department of Public Safety.


  • Enabling legislation.
  • Organizational chart.
  • Description of services.
  • Agency goals and performance metrics.
  • Budget, staffing  and salaries.
  • Program and projects.
  • Opportunities and risks.
  • Reports.

Download the full report