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Department of Innovation and Performance

The Department of Innovation and Performance was created by ordinance in 2014. Over the past seven years, the service offerings and programs managed by I&P has expanded greatly. Over the past decade and half, most service delivery improvement projects in government are driven by former information technology departments whose span has grown to include innovation and performance management portfolios.

As this department encompasses far more than whether the computers and phones work, their influence on the provision of all government services has made them a powerhouse during the Peduto administration. The are many benefits to a dynamic and scalable office of technology, but silo-ing major initiatives and their management in a single department can disrupt the organization dynamics with service delivery departments. Given the rapid growth of this group, it will be key to pay attention to business process owning departments and project alignment therewith.

At least two of the upcoming projects planned for launch soon bear the hallmark of an innovation-driven, hurried job – OneStopPGH and Dashburgh. Both projects seem to be being forced to meet unrealistic deadlines that compromise meaningfulness and impact to citizens. This is elaborated on further in the Opportunities and Risks section of the report.

While the end of an administration may be putting undue pressure on some projects, the Innovation and Performance Department has a large library of notable initiatives. 

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About the Department of Innovation and Performance

Below is a list of contents in the Department of Innovation and Performance's Transition Brief (prepared by Thomas Consulting Group for The Pittsburgh Foundation). 


  • DashBurgh.
  • OneStopPGH.


  • Description of Services:
    • Cybersecurity.
    • Infrastructure and network.
    • Service desk and devices.
    • Applications and GPS.
    • Data services.
    • Innovation and PMO.
    • Communications.
    • I&P administration.
  • Agency Goals:
    • Grow the Open Data and Analytics Program.
    • Implement a Mobile Technology Refresh Program.
    • Invest in the City's technical infrastructure.
    • Invest in Cybersecurity.
    • Invest in the I&P team.
    • Invest in the City's technical infrastructure.
    • Apply the software applications roadmap and strategy.
    • Follow best practices in IT service management.
  • Agency Performance Metrics:
    • Gold Belt training.
    • Interdepartment services.
    • Communications services - 311, City Channel and website.
  • Budget and salaries.

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