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Department of Human Resources and Civil Service

The Department of Human Resources and Civil Service is the workforce connector for all City of Pittsburgh departments. Human Resources oversees and manages, among other things, recruitment, selection, payroll and benefits, policies and procedures, training and development, workforce safety initiatives, employee wellness programs, employee retention and adopting future trends in the human resources area.

The Department works collaboratively with the Civil Service Commission, which manages a historically traditional merit-based system for jobs within city government that focuses on recruitment, qualifying applicants, promotions, and retention. The Department also works in tandem with the Administration in the negotiation of union contracts. There are currently nine (9) union contracts, which includes police, fire and EMS. Several union agreements are in the process of renewal.

The Department also oversees and manages the Pittsburgh Partnership program, a state-based grant. Through the Pittsburgh Partnership, the Department provides employment and training services designed to help City of Pittsburgh residents become attached or reattached to the labor force. Funding has been provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services' Employment and Retention Network (EARN) and targeted City Community Development and Block Grant Funds. Pittsburgh Partnership offers a variety of training and employment services designed to assist individuals find meaningful jobs and employers find qualified workers.

The Department of Human Resources and Civil Service is divided into multiple general service areas:

  • Employment and staffing.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Training and development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Wellness
  • Employee safety and injury prevention
  • Workers’ compensation.

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More about the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service

Below is a list of content in the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service Transition Brief (prepared by Thomas Consulting Group for The Pittsburgh Foundation). 


  • Finalize and implement class and compensation recommendations.
  • Need for employee performance evaluation audit.
  • Need for review and analysis of City’s retirement eligible report and related forecast.
  • Need for innovation in human resources. 


  • Enabling legislation
  • Agency goals and performance metrics
  • Budget
  • Programs and projects
  • Opportunities and risks.
  • Reports.

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