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Themes and Findings

The Thomas Consulting Group met with leadership from each City of Pittsburgh department between Oct. 18, 2021 and Dec. 3, 2021 to discuss current programs, projects and priorities, key initiatives that will take place between now and December 2022, interdependences between agencies and internal/external stakeholders and any additional information that will be important for the incoming administration to understand. Using uniformly structured Discussion Guides and the expertise of staff, all topics were covered with each department and additional time was spent understanding uniquely complex issues.

The Themes, Findings and Executive Summary report addresses the most pertinent findings from across all departments, including: 

  • Workforce vulnerabilities. 
  • Recruitment and retention. 
  • Meaningful performance management.
  • Duplicative functions. 

Download the executive summary

To view reports of individual departments, visit the Departments and Agencies page.