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Downtown Pittsburgh framed by the Hot Metal Bridge. Photo by Dave DiCello.

Urban Redevelopment Authority

The economic development apparatus in Pittsburgh is large and unfocused. Over the past decade, countless studies and plans have been created to define priorities for economic development. However, there is no comprehensive plan that leverages all of the city’s assets and plans resulting in a disjointed set of programs, initiatives and services that are not coordinated to achieve maximum impact. The Incoming Administration has the opportunity to articulate a clear vision, goals and metrics for economic development, and to direct all public agencies to align their resources and plans toward the implementation of the strategic vision.

The Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), as City of Pittsburgh’s community and economic development agency, is best positioned to lead the coordinated efforts at implementing a comprehensive, goal-driven economic development strategy from the regional to the neighborhood level. The URA’s current mission is to create jobs, expand the City’s tax base, and improve the vitality of businesses and neighborhoods. This mission also includes an addendum that spells out the URA’s commitment to equitable development and the incorporation of best practices for equity and inclusion into its internal and external policies and activities. The URA’s activities include assembling, preparing, and conveying sites for major mixed use development, and a portfolio of business and housing programs that include: financing for business location, relocation and expansion; housing construction and rehabilitation; and home purchases and improvements. Since its incorporation, the URA has constructed or rehabilitated tens of thousands of homes, reclaimed thousands of acres of contaminated brownfield and riverfront sites, and assisted hundreds of businesses in neighborhoods throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

URA exercises flexibility in its programs using several affiliated organizations that align with and empower the work of the URA. URA affiliates include the Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation (PHDC); the Pittsburgh Economic & Industrial Development Corporation (PEIDC); Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives (PUI); Invest PGH (IPGH); and the Pittsburgh Land Bank (PLB).

  • Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation
  • Pittsburgh Economic & Industrial Development Corporation
  • Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives
  • Invest PGH
  • Pittsburgh Land Bank

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About the Urban Redevelopment Authority

Below is a list of contents in the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Transition Brief (prepared by Thomas Consulting Group for The Pittsburgh Foundation). 


  • Economic Development in the City of Pittsburgh lacks direction and effective coordination. It is critical that the incoming Administration define and direct the work of all of the partners in the Economic Development ecosystem so as to take advantage of the Federal funding that will be flowing into the city, as well as to implement impactful legacy projects that will have lasting impact.
  • An assessment of the various plans is necessary and an overarching plan that includes all of the city’s partners, from neighborhood community development corporations to public entities—both local and regional—should be implemented.


  • Enabling legislation.
  • Mission.
  • Organizational chart.
  • Budget.
  • Programs and projects.
  • Opportunities and risks.
  • Reports.

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